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Welcome to PERSPECTIVES ON Podcasts with Rev. Dr. Lairalaine White, where we give you insights into a variety of justice issues.  These first eight episodes, taped during 2019, focus on justice issues and were produced and occasionally co-hosted by Paula Ann Granston.  However, the 2020 line up will center on faith and justice issues with each episode featuring guests that will stimulate your mind, and give you a greater understanding of faith and justice. 


Additionally, our podcasts are a collaborative effort between the Dr. White, Black Church Food Network’s SháVon Terrell, North Carolina Creation Justice Network’s Rev. Delé, Oakhurst Presbyterian’s resident environmentalist, Rev. Alan Jenkins, incredibly talented guests, and all of our wonderful fans.


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Human Traffickling

This segment of Perspectives On is a re-broadcast of our segment on human trafficking that occurred just after the initial broadcast of the Surviving R. Kelly documentary. 


God and the Environment

This episode features the Rev. Dr. Gerald Durley, respected theologian and environmentalist, Rev. Dele mentor to Earthkeepers around the world is a former Permaculture professor at the College of William and Mary, serving the North Carolina Creation Justice Network; UCC Council for Climate Justice; National Congress of Black American Indians. She is ordained in the UCC with Baptist affiliations and also Rev. Alan Jenkins of Oakdale Presbyterian Church in Atlanta Georgia and environmentalist.


Food Insecurity, Law and the Young African American Farmer

This podcast focuses on the notion of Food Justice for listeners who may not be aware of the impact the food industry has on American culture and how that impact truly affects the American farmer and young African American farmers in particular.  This segment features Attorney Jillian Hishaw and Farmer Ryan Pressley. 


A Farmer's Testimony

This installment of our month long series on Food Justice and the American farmer. John Wesley Boyd, Jr. gives us an on location, candid interview. 


Female Entreprenuers

This segment of Perspectives On focuses on female entrepreneurship and is hosted by Founder and Executive Producer Lairalaine White and co-hosted by Special Correspondent Paula Ann Granston!  The three women highlighted have each proven themselves as innovators, each have successfully created, organized and manage an enterprise.


AIDs and the Crisis in Healthcare Access and Intersectionality

This episode focuses on the crisis of health access and awareness among the Latin population in the United States.  Our guest Gabriella Betancourt has been Deputy Director of Research and Evaluation for the Latino Commission on AIDS. 


Poverty and Affordable Housing

This segment focuses on Affordable Housing featuring two leaders in fair housing and home building.  Our guest, though their expertise and experience present gripping testimony on the impact poverty and politics have on housing of the underserved in our country.  It is hosted by The Sister’s Perspective Founder and Executive Producer Lairalaine White and Co-host Special Correspondent Paula Ann Granston.


Everyday Talk, Culture and Positionality

This podcast features two dynamic and unique experts in the realm of Geography and culture both of whom have REDEFINING PERSPECTIVES ON food and culture!