About Perspectives On...

Perspectives on is a social justice forum where individuals can come to express their viewpoint, their stance, and their angle, on issues relative to topics of concern to the community, globally in accordance to their faith.  our host and featured guest present  PERSPECTIVEs on various issues through a unique lens. Perspectives on gives the world a frame of reference, an ear and a voice on politics, the church, public policy, advocacy, finance, economics, and health. Perspectives on is a round table, hot topics, dialogue on issues in the news....it is a way of looking at controversial subjects, approaches and outlooks.....come check us out....give us your PERSPECTIVE

Our Mission


The mission is to produce a forum for dialogue on various justice issues within the faith community.  

- The recognition of human beings as a community’s most valuable asset
- We recognize the existence of a Divine presence in public spaces.
- We value CHOICE as a prime directive
- We respect CULTURE and it’s impact on and beyond race, color, religion, sex,

   national and birth origin

Our Core Values

Environmental Justice
- Climate Change
- Land Conservation 
- Fossil Fuels
Food Justice
- Food Insecurity 
- Urban and Rural Farming
Religious Freedom

Our 2020 Focus