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our 2018-2019 Special Correspondents


Arlene Rodriguez
Media Editor| Publisher

Inspired writer from San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Writer, publisher and creator of Media editor with experience in wellness, real estate and sales. With over 3 years of experience in social operations, research, blogging, and editing. Published over 5 corporate social accounts and created promotional content such as graphics and templates. Forecasting growth in a journalism atmosphere, to elevate global human awareness in a relative, civilized form.

paula- Ann_edited.png

Majoring in Public Health and Spanish at Johns Hopkins University, inspiring to integrate these two fields to make healthcare more accessible, affordable, and comprehensive for all. I believe that a country that purports liberty and the pursuit of happiness needs to have an efficient and fair healthcare system in order to fulfill this promise. I have a passion for working with children, and I aspire to help seal up the cracks in the system that underprivileged youth often fall into. Children are the foundation of our society, and I enjoy investing time into improving in their well-being, self-image, and confidence. I love theater, ice skating, movies, and obscure science fiction novels. I'm excited to explore ways to improve the lives of the people around me and make the world a brighter place!

Paula-Ann Marie Granston
Public Health Correspondent

Originally from Charleston, South Carolina. Currently a junior Political Science major, Communication minor at Clemson University. I am passionate about principled public policy and having interned for Senator Tim Scott enjoyed experiencing an insight in to the governmental realm. In my free time I enjoy sports, hiking, cooking and reading. My favorite place in the whole world other than Clemson is the beach


Elizabeth DeLilo

 Currently pursuing a Neuroscience and Pre-Medicine major with a Public Health minor at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Currently an undergraduate research assistant for a Biochemistry and Cellular & Molecular Biology lab and shadow in the cardiothoracic surgery unit, vast experience in the natural sciences as well as public health aspects of heart disease and post-operative quality of life. Planning to obtain a Doctor of Medicine  and Master's in Public Health after graduation. I am particularly interested in becoming a congenital cardiac surgeon in an urban area where I can  work mainly with minority populations and the unique healthcare struggles that they face, focusing in New York City

Rachel brandes
Medical Correspondent


Born in Zimbabwe and raised in Eugene, OR. Currently a graduating senior at the illustrious Spelman College, completing a B.S. degree in Biology. I am passionate about Public health and infectious diseases. I plan to have my own practice and a nonprofit organization for HIV in rural parts of Southern Africa. In my spare time I enjoy dancing, laughing, and watching my favorite tv shows. I just want to help people and touch their lives in a special way

Muchaneta "Mati" Chikawa  -  Public Health Correspondent

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