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PERSPECTIVES ON Food Justice and the Young African American Farmer


Ryan Pressley

Jillian Hishaw

PERSPECTIVES ON Food Justice and the Young African American FarmerJillian Hishaw, Ryan Pressley and Lairalaine White
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This podcast focuses on the notion of Food Justice for listeners who may not be aware of the impact the food industry has on American culture and how that impact truly affects the American farmer and young African American farmers in particular.
Jillian Hishaw is Founder & CEO of Family. Agriculture. Resource. Management Services better known nationally as F.A.R.M.S. With 15 years of experience as an Agriculture Lawyer.
Also sharing is Ryan Pressley! Having learned farming as a boy, this former professional baseball player, returned to his first love of FARMING in 2006 when he founded RP Farms. Originally consisting of more than 370 acres of everything from cattle, hay, turf grass and vegetables. He currently is chief operator of Farms 2 U farm and produce company growing Lima beans, peas and tomatoes.


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