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The SISTER'S PERSPECTIVE On Human Trafficking and the Universal Church

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

As a professional in ministry, I assume the right to voice an opinion on the topics relative to the church. In regard to forms of sexual misconduct I would like to raise two critical perspectives:

First: the Catholic Church was recently in the news when the Pope called Cardinals from around the world to the Vatican to address the age old problem of sexual misconduct and pedophilia among their clerics. If we are to give “real talk” about the church, the reality is that the Catholic Church is NOT the only organized religious organization guilty of sweeping the sexual misconduct of its leadership under rug and adopting a culture of silence on these issues. Second: True scholars of the Bible understand the relevance of the sacred texts to be a function of the patriarchal society for which it was written! In other words, 21st century society calls for 21st Church with CORE values. AND a 21st century church that assumes accountability, not only for the spiritual health of her people BUT, for the sins of its leaders. Especially if the 21st century church wishes to remain relevant in the age of the “me too” movement.

I say this to religious leaders everywhere, take authority to protect and nurture the spirits of the people whom you are “called” to serve.

Make the spiritual health of your leadership a consistent part of your agendas and hold those appropriately accountable who compromise the position of minister, Reverend, bishop, etc.

Take steps today to alter the culture of silence by proactively and aggressively adopting agendas and policies against ANY forms of sexual misconduct!

Always remember that we serve a God who is watching...this is a Sister’s Perspective.

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