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The 2020 Election

Monologue to the 2020 Election:

To say the race for the White House has been contentious would be an understatement and historic at best!

With controversial states like North Carolina, Nevada, Georgia and Arizona still up for grabs at this hour.

The other most remarkable piece to this election are conversations concerning the way pre-election polling created somewhat of an illusion of Trump’s Election Day performance.

Where in a repeat of 2016, Donald Trump actually over-performed polls and expectations again!

And then the biggest surprise of the 2020 election wasn't Trump, but it was what happened in Congress!

As Republicans in both the Senate and House drastically over-performed doom-and-gloom predictions of their demise amid a Trump landslide loss.

Where before the election, we were told by political professionals that not only would Republicans lose House majority but that they also be looking at double-digit seat losses.

Again, it didn't work out that way. At all.

With areas of disappointment in Texas, North Carolina, who by the way, has stopped counting until next week and Michigan...

So currently, republicans states where the races are “too close to call” secretaries of states are, in a diligent partisan/nonpartisan way are taking their sweet time to count every vote. Especially in the controversial Maricopa County, Arizona!

What does all this say about the moral and spiritual state of this nation, who’s foundation principals boast of being one nation, under God, and indivisible?

Is this a rude awakening about the status of social justice in America?

With this presidential race being as close as it is during a pandemic, where over a million Americans have lost their lives, their jobs and businesses, what does this say about the moral pulse of this nation?

Is there really a priority on those being disproportionately affected or is this a repeat of concessions and the like giving preferential capitalistic element of US society?

As a professional in ministry, I also ask what role are church leaders playing in monitoring and influencing the moral pulse and compass of the nation?

Is the church fulfilling its mission?

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