Return to American Education

This past 2020 pandemic shocked the nations education system in a complete tail spin, forcing schools to close right in the middle of the spring cycle! Since then this sudden and unexpected event has sparked a number of heated debates among educators and politicians alike.

As a professional in ministry, I myself have raised both questions and concerns about the perspective, or the lack thereof, our churches and mainline denominations have taken over this very important issue.

Questions like: why haven’t more churches utilized their resources to provide alternatives and supportive services to parents?

Why do they not use their resources to develop micro learning environments for school aged and high school students?

Why is the church, particularly those churches serving communities of color remaining virtually silent in the ongoing debate.

While Politicians and some educators politicize the wearing of mask. Reports from across the country are proving that exposing our nations most valuable assets to a potentially deadly virus can bring heavyweight consequences.

Last week, schools in Corinth, Miss., welcomed back hundreds of students. By Friday, one high-schooler tested positive for COVID 19. By early this week, the count rose to SEVEN. Now, 116 students are in quarantine.

In Georgia, the Cherokee County School district began in-person classes on Monday. But by Tuesday, a classroom was temporarily closed for deep cleaning and the teacher and 20 other students had been asked to quarantine for two weeks after a second grader tested positive.

Parents and officials have debated whether it is safe to send students back into classrooms as virus cases have surged across the country. While health experts are still investigating how children spread the virus.

Then, there is the debate over the effectiveness of in person instruction vs. virtual! Are we depriving students the importance of social contact? Will they learn more at home? What about our children in special education...

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