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How the Church Informs COVID-19 Era Education

Many of the nations schools, both private and public, are back in session after the pandemic shocked the nations education system, first by forcing schools to close amid the spring cycle and second by sparking a number of heated debates among educators, politicians and parents!

The COVID-19 virus is unique and the response unprecedented. As a result, hard information on schools reopening has been limited…

As a professional in ministry, I’ve raised both questions and concerns about the perspective, or the lack thereof, our churches and mainline denominations have taken over this very important issue.

Some have asked, “what informs my perspective on education?” I spent the first 12 years of my career as an educator, 10 of those years working specifically with children with disabilities, and two as an administrator.

Why haven’t more churches utilized their resources to provide alternatives and supportive services to parents?

What about mainline denominations? Most have both infrastructure and resources

Why do they not use their resources to develop micro learning environments for school aged and high school students?

Why is the church, particularly those churches serving communities of color remaining virtually silent in the ongoing debate.

While Politicians and some educators politicize the wearing of mask. Reports from across the country are proving that exposing our nations most valuable assets to a potentially deadly virus can bring heavyweight consequences.

After a summer long debate over whether or not to open schools, school systems, colleges and universities across the globe are now facing the reality of shifting their entire education experience to a virtual platform!

This new reality created an urgency for parents, educators as well as students to feel supported by their respective education systems.

As a professional in the ministry, I question church leaders across denominations, what are they doing to encourage collaboration between themselves and organizations to support community needs relative to education. With sadness I must say I get very little response. If any of my ministerial colleagues would like to comment on our live show in response, please let me know so that I can include you in....

What some educators have realized is that virtual learning on all levels of education, from kindergarten/Preschool all the way to college, presents many benefit that in “some” cases equal the in person platform!

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