Today we continue our 2020 focus on food insecurity and farming. For our viewers and podcast listeners we produce a monthly spotlight on this topic every 4th Thursday of the month. Food insecurity has been identified as this country’s leading social issue 2nd only to the pandemic where the CDC reports this week African Americans are still dying at a rate 3 times that of white Americans ...

But while COVID-19 is labeled our PANDEMIC, food security has been identified as America’s EPIDEMIC!

President Biden, in his announcement concerning his executive order on EQUITY, reported.

That 1 and 7 America households, including:

1 out every 4 African Americans,

1 out every 5 Latino households,

Report that they do not have enough food to eat!

This week’s justice spotlights the passion of the urban farmer

their contributions to the economy, their communities and their perspectives on this issue of equity on the food landscape.

We celebrate these young urban gardener by recognizing a few interesting things!

They are Producers of urban agriculture

They sell at local food markets, typically get a better deal compared to traditional food system revenue structures.

They help fight climate change as activist reducing air pollution in city green spaces with carbon absorbing yields.

And most importantly, they support the communities they live in by lending their expertise to help others cultivate a knowledge of living off the land.

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