COVID-19, and the Church

In keeping with our commitment as a faith based organization & our 2021 focus on the church and its existence during COVID. We wanted to take a pause to focus how communities of faith are moving through this pandemic.

How well has the church adjusted to maintain relevance during this country’s morality test?

Are congregations meeting the spiritual needs of America’s multitude?

Can church leaders answer the hard questions concerning matters relating to race, unemployment, disparities in educational and controversies surrounding availability of the COVID vaccine?

It is the opinion of this professional of ministry that pastors and church leaders are amidst of a reckoning relative to

the way they are conducting the business of the church,

A reckoning to the way they have trained and

Should be held accountable for their response to the systemic and structural injustice we have witnessed.

The civil rights era existed during a time with an entirely different set dynamics.

And for the first time in history of this country, there is a national consensus of moral outrage. … and a momentum for change within American culture that is being fueled by that consensus.

The church has had to realign its operating platform by going virtual and in some…

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