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PERSPECTIVES ON Human Trafficking


Dr. Sharnell Myles

The Sister's Perspective on HUMAN TRAFFICKINGDr. Sharnell Myles, Dorsey Jones and Dr. Lairalaine White
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This segment of The Sister’s Perspective is a re-broadcast of our segment on human trafficking that occurred just after the initial broadcast of the Surviving R. Kelly documentary.  It was our very first podcast featuring two pioneers in the field of human trafficking advocacy, both are Atlanta’s Dr. Sharnell Myles licensed Clinical Psychologist and founder of The Social Justice Cafe for Girls and Dorsey Jones human trafficking survivor and author of Stretched Beyond Measure - When the Angels Were Crying.  The entire segment yielded some awesome dialogue with the most intriguing and momentous conversation centering around the Surviving R. Kelly documentary!  


P.S.  Please forgive the audio issues....we were learning!

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