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Based on and adapted from the Gamaliel Networks approach to Sacred Conversation.  The Sister’s Perspective has developed the concept of PERSPECTIVE Dialogue as a resource for congregations and other faith based organizations who are seeking a “sophisticated understanding” of a variety of justice issues particularly as they relate to religious freedom and the Divine presence in public spaces.

Our Objectives:  At the end of the our series of dialogues participants will

  • Develop a stronger awareness of the assumptions relative to religious freedom 

  • Examine values and assumptions on key subjects discussed in sacred dialogues through valued reflections and experiences 

  • Understand the intimate involvement Divine presence 

  • exploring the issues and implications that prejudice, power, and privilege have on issues 

  • Discover ways to take action within their context exceeding social boundaries.

  • Develop new relationships and alliances both within and outside of their context.

  • Engage an action plan for change as a result of the revelations uncovered in this experience.

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