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PERSPECTIVES ON the Impacts of Politics and Poverty on Affordable Housing


Pastor AJ Johnson

Kamilli Williams

The SISTER'S PERSPECTIVE on the Impacts of Politics and Poverty on Affordable HousingPastor AJ Johnson, Kamili Williams, Dr. Lairalaine White
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This segment focuses on Affordable Housing featuring two leaders in fair housing and home building.  Our guest, though their expertise and experience present gripping testimony on the impact poverty and politics have on housing of the underserved in our country.  It is hosted by Perspective On's  Founder and Executive Producer Lairalaine White and Co-host Special Correspondent Paula Ann Granston.  Leading our special guest is Pastor AJ Johnson is a faith-influenced voice for urban resurgence and revival and a pace-setting champion for justice and community-wide uplift. As a trailblazer, Johnson leads The Urban Hope Refuge Church, an influential church where passionate worship and community activism meet in Hartford, Connecticut. He spearheads Small Business Night Out, a network of minority-owned businesses and entrepreneurs; Calling all Brothers, a widely hailed male mentor-ship and leadership organization and Brothers Johnson 1929 Hat Company, a clothing brand reflecting strength, loyalty, and distinction.  Kamili Williams is CEO and President of Habitat for Humanity of Greater Plainfield & Middlesex County in Plainfield, New Jersey since 2017.  Her emphasis is on promoting housing and home ownership in underserved communities in keeping with Habitat’s mission.

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